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About Me


my name is Maciej Szczepański and I am glad that you have visited my website, where I would like to introduce myself on a more personal level, without the burden of the industry subject matter I am associated with.
On a daily basis at work, a large part of my time is taken up by organizational matters such as: drafting contracts, talking to clients, preparing documentation for the accounting office, customer service, creating tasks for co-workers, etc... In between all this I write software and this is the part I like the most.


I can confidently say that first and foremost I am programmer and I enjoy it . A programmer who analyzes, models and designs his concepts from idea to implementation. Of course not always and not everything I can do alone, but the fact of a good organization of the project and division roles between people is the stage of creation, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I am eager to take on complex and non-trivial tasks.  I like to prove myself where others have already given up :-) I am meticulous, consistent, punctual, I can well organize my work and the team, and these factors are necessary to be effective.


Me on the Internet.

I don't have personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To me, they are a waste of time. However, not using it does not mean that I am not there. My "internet social needs" are fulfilled on professional and specialized websites. However, for security reasons and to protect my privacy, I will not provide direct links to my profiles. If you are interested, write to me and I will send them to you.



I want invite you to familiarize yourself with my projects and examples of applications that I made. Maybe one of them will encourage you to start cooperation.