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Analysis & IT consulting

Needs analysis

Are you planning to create a new system or expand the existing one?
Before you make a binding decision, make sure that what you want to do is the optimal solution. If you're not sure, feel free to contact me.
Analyzing your needs and solutions available on the market will help avoid unnecessary expenses associated with:


  • hardware purchase,
  • software purchase,
  • costs of infrastructure maintenance,
  • costs of system maintenance.

The purpose of the analysis is to obtain information that will allow you to prepare a preliminary system design and investment cost estimate. In general, we want to know what we needs to do to achieve the planned objectives and how much it will cost.


System design

Depending on the complexity of the issue that we deal with during the demand analysis, it may be necessary to prepare a system design or an action plan in order to prepare a reliable system valuation.


Cost estimation

Once the demand analysis has been properly conducted, it becomes easy to estimate quite precisely the investment costs related to the extension or change of the IT system. Knowing what exactly needs to be done, the planned process of system development can be divided into individual tasks and stages, and these can be priced with reference to real market prices.


Implementation system

After preparing analyses, designs and estimating costs, the stage of building and implementing the system follows.


More about system building