KSI - Software developer`s portfolio
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Full-stack developer, front-end, back-end. Full-stack developers outsourcing. Full stack developer
& freelancer...
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We can solve any problem

We can solve any problem

...I will provide you complete solution.

I`am Full-stack developer

I`am Full-stack developer

... with more than 25 years of experience.

Let`s combine our ideas

Let`s combine our ideas

to create something amazing.

Web sites

for desktop & mobile
Web sites optimal and responsive Professional, efficient, fast, optimal, effective, ready for SEO and positioning. More about WWW

Tailor made systems

databases, CRM, CMS
Let's build system dedicated for You I will analyze your needs and demands, next I develop an dedicated and optimal solution. Dedicated systems

System integration

REST API, webservices
Combine systems you use and work more efficiently Automated processes of data exchange between systems is the basis for efficient work. Need integration?

Needs analysis

cost estimation
Think about what you need before you order Good needs analysis can reduce system implementation costs up to 90%. How to do it?


How does it look like?
Top quality.
Reasonable price.
You will receive the highest quality product. Don't believe it? Check it:

Mobile usability
HTML structure
I work in B2B model.
Everything is formal.
B2B model is convenient
for me and You. Establishing terms and conditions of the contract. Contract Signing. Task realisation. Settlement in accordance with the contract.
After hard work...
...rest is due.